Are you a fanatic in planting? You literally can plant anything anywhere just because of the passion you harbor in plants? Well, there are a few plants you could plant in your basement as well as your garage? Plants that require low light for them to nurture. Such plants are suitable even for you living in the city imagine that corridor with no use.

  • Pothos, a beautiful kind of plant else known as Epipremnum aureum. It will thrive anywhere in the house. Keeping it away from full sunlight will make it blossom even the more. An added advantage it comes in with multiple colors, the perfect touch to have a color of your liking
  • ZZ plant, an African native plant that is okay even in the dark parts of your home. When you neglect it, it behaves as an artificial plant. The only crucial time it needs watering is when the soil dries up.
  • Parlor palm, the kind that makes a statement, it rarely goes unnoticed. Water it, when the ground does dry to touch .the plant, makes the room so elegant when it grows up to four feet tall.
  • Gloxinia, this colorful plant needs liquid houseplant fertilizer when in bloom. It too requires watering when the soil is dry to touch.
  • Monster, a perfect plant to have welcome people to your house. The broad leaves are making such a full house statement. The best plant to have in a house that is not entirely furnished. During the spring and summer fertilizer does it justice and watering it to keep it attractive.
  • The snake plant is also known as mother in law’s tongue, does not need fertilizing frequently. It has long vertical blades that create space in the living rooms and a reflection of sophistication.
  • Peace lily has extremely clean broad leaves. Along with its stems, pure white flowers grow to bring a beautiful blend of the green and white colors.

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