Plant exhibitions are some of the most amazing events of the year. From the most common to some of the unique plants these displays around stores and gardens are great for everyone. One of the amazing cultures that haven’t been around as much as it was before is the Chrysanthemums. This culture is the perfect fall season event that requires proper preparation that should begin in summer. Raising mothers to take part in competitions, and displays as well as shows created an occasion everyone looked forward to in autumn. However, the training and the resources that needed to keep up this cultures proved to be too much thus the decline.

Although this culture has died in some parts of the world, in other parts like Japan it still thrives. In some places, you can have them delivered from the few stores that still take part in stocking them whereas in others you can plant them by yourself. Once you choose the type you want, you have to take good care of them so they can thrive without any problem by planting them immediately. They should stay in your greenhouse for about a month, from June to July, before you move them to the garden. June is the perfect time because it’s the duration plants bloom. Leave them in a container in the garden and remove the containers just before the frost begins so they are not stuck. Place them in the greenhouse and wait for them to bloom. This usually happens by the thanksgiving period.

This process is simple and brings back the display of  compared with the over fertilized ones that look synthetic. Order your cuttings early enough to give you adequate time to prepare your garden. Experiment with a variety including assorted ones from Japanese. The assorted samples will only add to your experience and the beauty of your garden.

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